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Always Striving To Be The Best In The Industry

A Multinational Company

THB Group is a timber producer and  is headquartered in the State of Florida in the United States of America and registered under Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC.

Our President & CEO owns two other companies in Suriname under the names Forest King Transport N.V. and Nickerie Interwood Sawmill N.V. which holds our forest concessions in the country of Suriname in South America.


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Our forest concessions contain over 13,000 hectares of prime tropical timber ready for harvest in excess of 325,000 cubic meters of timber or 137,800,000 board foot of lumber.  We currently can produce over 6,000 cubic meters of timber per month with more available upon additional contracts over 1,000 cubic meters per month.  We have in stock at our landing over 10,000 cubic meters of varying species available for immediate purchase.

Quality And Quantity

Because we have so many hectares of uncut forest we are able to select the best timber for harvest.

This means when you contract and buy from our company you will always receive large diameter quality logs from any of the species we deliver.

We do not contract an order that cannot be fulfilled, if your requirement of volume is outside our ability, we also work with a few other select companies that can aid in supplying additional timber so long as the wood lives up to our standards for product.

  • Work by SBB Guidelines
  • Sustainable Forestry Practice
  • High Company Standards
  • Work by NHLA standards
  • Buy & Sell Contracts from the USA
  • Costs in Advance
  • Several Payment Options
  • Local, FOB and CIF purchase
  • We own all operations in house and do not have to rely on outside party

THB Group is a timber producer Our Companies include


Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC

This is Our main United States Company Location from which we execute sales contracts and trade our timber from South America worldwide. All sales contracts are guaranteed from our US Location.


Forest King Transport N.V.

This is Our forest operations company in Suriname, from which we catalog, harvest and transport by river fresh cut timber from our land concessions to other landings and the Port of Suriname.


Nickerie Interwood Sawmill N.V.

This is Our Sawmill Company we operate in Suriname and Our Licensed land concession holder from which we can mill round logs to square logs, rough cut green lumber, posts and slabs.


Walabastore.com Available Online

This is Our Online retail area for finished products such as boards, slabs, Turnery Stock and decking etcetera, that is in stock and currently available to individuals and small business. US delivery only from this site.

Message from the CEO

Gerald F. Harvey II

The THB Group is a Timber producer and multinational company in the Wood & Timber industry. Our mission is to be a leader in quality and sustainable forest products in each of the markets we serve, delivering always as promised to our customers, increasing our market position, thereby maximizing value to customers and shareholders.

THB is built on fundamentally sound principles and practices throughout our business.

THB believes in high standards and conducts each and every interaction with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners with utmost integrity.

THB is committed to producing products that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable Regulatory standards. Quality is not a delegated responsibility and every person from the office to the field throughout Our organization is committed and held to achieving this Quality standard in the performance of their duties.

Commitment to our Clients
We work with our buyers to understand and define their requirements before, during and after the sale to ensure they are getting what they require and to maintain a lasting relationship.

THB employees and those who work on behalf of our company always must maintain the highest standard Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to ensure the quality and commitment to our clients.

Please browse our websites at your leisure to see if we may be able to provide our products for you.

Thank you for your interest in THB.

Gerald F. Harvey II
President & CEO



About Our Companies



was founded Jan 2018 by Gerald F. Harvey II and is a United States based corporation. THB Group is a timber producer and supplies tropical and exotic hardwood species harvested from sustainable resources in Suriname, South America and sells Globally. We are a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and International Wood Products Association. 

We believe that creating growth is only possible if the company is able to continue. Destroying a natural resource or a company’s spirit in the interest of growth only leads to a failed enterprise.  Furthermore, it takes great relationships between companies to fully achieve and maintain a healthy and profitable organization for owners and shareholders. 

Because of this value, we’re always strive to go above and beyond to protect our resource and our clients, constant presence of mind to these beliefs, follow through with standard practices and keeping up with the current situation will allow continued and prosperous business relations with our Client.

If you feel as though you share in these business values perhaps we can speak and meet to discuss the future of our companies.


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