Working Together Builds Success

Developing Our Path to Greatness

Here at Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC, we believe in working closely with our partners in the business world. We supply the products you sell, so we know that if what we produce for you is always what is expected, we will also succeed. Quality and Timeliness is our number one goal.

Tropical Hardwood Brokers, INC (THB) was founded in Jan 2018 by Jerry Harvey in Florida, USA. THB has taken on additional shareholders as of Jan 2019, in Todd Beasley, Richard Eldridge, Hank Petty and Landcare Concepts. Since founding, the company has seen tremendous growth in a short period to include our own forest land concessions in South America. Our expansion has allowed us to harvest our own timber, as well as, secure in-house transport with barges, tugboats, and multiple other pieces of equipment needed to allow all operations to flow smoothly without the need to contract to outside companies to fulfill commitments.


We offer a variety of over 30 exotic species readily attainable such as Angelim, Basralocus, Bostamarinde, Brownheart, Bulletwood, Cambara, Cumaru, Gronfolo, Ipe, Jaboty, Kopi, Letterwood, Macacaubu, Mata, Nargusta, Purpleheart, Sali, donCeder, Witte Pinto Locus, Suriname Teak, Mahogany, Walnut, Ingipipa, Tatabu, Walaba, Bagasse, PikinMisiki, Wana…


Our forest concessions contain over 13,000 hectares of prime tropical timber ready for harvest. We have in excess of 325,000 cubic meters of timber or 137,800,000 board foot of lumber available per year. We can currently produce over 6,000 cubic meters of timber per month with more available based on need. We have in stock, at our landing, over 10,000 cubic meters of fresh cut timber from varying species available for immediate purchase.


Because we have so many hectares of uncut forest we are able to select the best timber for harvest. This means when you contract and buy from our company you will always receive large diameter quality logs from any of the species we deliver. We do not contract an order that cannot be fulfilled. If your requirement of volume is outside our ability, we also work with a few other select companies that can aid in supplying additional timber so long as the wood lives up to our standards for product.

Gerald f harvey ii

president & ceo

USA Phone (850) 819-2719

sunil panday

Director of forest operations

Suriname Phone (597) 861-4004

todd beasley

chief financial officer

USA Phone (850) 326-6001

richard eldridge

vice president

USA Phone (850) 890-8699

hank petty

LUMBER & sales  inspector

USA Phone (850) 209-4384

Marchano buschbaum

executive assistant to the ceo

Suriname Phone (597) 891-7655