Tropical Hardwood Brokers, Inc.

Hardwoods from the Heart of the Amazon

THB is a United States based company that supplies tropical and exotic hardwood species harvested from sustainable resources in South America and sells Globally. We are a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association. and International Wood Products Association. We have over 13,000 hectares of tropical timber ready for harvest on our concession, and thousands more from our outsourced resources.

Founded by Gerald F. Harvey II in January 2018, as a timber broker, the company has seen tremendous growth in a short period to include our own forest land concessions in South America. Our expansion has allowed us to harvest our own timber, as well as, secure in-house transport with barges, tugboats, and multiple other pieces of equipment needed to allow all operations to flow smoothly without the need to contract to outside companies to fulfill commitments.



   Forest King Transport   N.V.

This is Our forest operations company in Suriname, from which we harvest and transport fresh cut timber from our land concessions to the sawmill, other landings and the Port of Suriname for export.

WalabaStore Online Retail Store

This is Our Online retail area for finished products such as boards, slabs, Turnery Stock and decking etcetera, that is in stock and currently available to individuals and small business. US delivery and pick up only from this site. 

Nickerie Interwood Sawmill N.V.

This is Our Sawmill Company we operate in Suriname and Our Licensed land concession holder from which we can mill round logs to square logs, rough cut green lumber, posts and slabs.